SuperEgo, installation view 0, 2004


The “SUPEREGO” project was inspired by a study conducted in 2005 by an American university about self-esteem among the nations of the World.
Serbia came first.
Beyond the recent historical and political turmoil and all of its impact on the psyche of a nation, that result implied that Serbs had developed in time a peculiar continuous reflex that expressed the need to constantly reassert oneself in a given time and place. Individually or collectively alike.
The project uses elements which illustrate that attitude and magnifies them:
1>The statue of the “Superserb”, 3 fingers up, posing in gold, mimicking many sculptures one could find in Serbian cemeteries. It also toys with the cliché of the ultra egotistical and narcissistic artist.
2>The “No One Like Me” light sign, a slogan acting as a luminous mirror.
3>The Rebus cubes reconstructing the Artist’s name through riddles by using the phonetical alphabet (Vidor=Victor, India, Delta, Oscar, Romeo).
4>The Photo Bed, a long lasting ongoing series of “doublies” (way before “selfies”) with “beautiful” people. Above it the phrase “My Friends Are Better Looking Than Yours” is written.
5> Collaborations and other artist’s work either depicting themselves or VV. The phrase “My friends Are Better Artists Than Yours” is written.
All those pieces are like clues and ways to fill a void, to hammer an identity, personal or national in any possible way.