Shift Bag, digital print, dimension variable.



In 1995, right in the middle of the Yugoslav civil wars, something became obvious: no one on the “Yugoslav” art scene, or more precisely on the Serbian art scene, was addressing the subject and confronting the ever present and surrounding reality.
The palpable war, the break up of the country on grounds we all thought buried, the return of “traditional” hatred, the progressive and unstoppable decay of social and moral threads, all those things created a fracture between the denial and rejection of those realities and their deep and growing infiltration of all aspects of the serbian society. It seemed odd that no one wanted to confront that reality at least in a effort to exorcise it through any kind of artistic expression. Only cinema seemed to address it. The “Serbia Remix” project is a compilation of images, sounds, sensations born from reactions to that accelerating reality one had to digest and spit out. The project was shown in sections throughout exhibitions in Paris, Belgrade, Madrid, Berlin and Thessaloniki.

(The text written about it, “Who’s afraid of Red, Blue & White” can be found in the “WORDS-Text by Vidor” section.)